Tim Tebow vs. Mark Sanchez



If Jesus watched football, quarterback, Tim Tebow, would be his favorite player.


And not because he’s super skilled at his position – actually, Tebow’s probably the least skilled qb in the league right now – but because he’s the most committed, hardest working, vocally Christian pro baller who boldly wears his moral compass on his jersey sleeve.

And he’s a virgin.

Yes, Jesus loves him.


When Tebow was quarterbacking at the University of Florida, he was a part of two National Championship teams, was nominated for the Heisman twice, but won it once, becoming the first sophomore to ever do so.

It was a combination of his tenacity, his leadership, and his Christianity that brought and has kept Tebow at the forefront of football.

In 2011, “Tebowing” became a pop culture craze. Ironically, Tebowing “started” after cameras captured Tim praying on the sideline and on the field during his games as Denver Broncos backup qb. Suddenly, praying, something that people have been doing since, like, the beginning of time, became a social media phenomenon.


Judging from how Tebow miraculously led the Broncos to several unlikely regular season comebacks and a crazy post season defeat of the Steelers last season, New York Jets coaches and fans thought Tebow could be the savior of their franchise as a backup quarterback. This season, unfortunately, the Jets nor Tebow have been too lucky.


Those dreamy hazel eyes. Beautiful moles – yep, his moles are beautiful – speckled over perfectly sculpted cheek bones. Olive skin. Flawlessly tussled bedroom locks. If he wasn’t the starting quarterback for the New York Jets, I imagine he’d have a career in Hollywood starring in movies like “Magic Mike.” Seriously, Channing Tatum’s got nothing on Sexy Sanchez.


Sanchez made his mark at the University of Southern California (USC) as their starting quarterback during the 2008-2009 season where he led the Trojans to a Rose Bowl win over Penn State. And though his college head coach, Pete Carroll, objected to Mark forgoing his last year of college eligibility for the NFL draft, money talks, and Sanchez walked, signing a deal with the New York Jets that included a 28 million dollar guarantee.

Let’s just call him Big Money Mark.

So Big Money Mark took the Jets to two AFC championship games during his rookie and sophomore season, but last season and this season have been less than perfect. As a matter of fact, at 6-8, they’re damn near imperfect.

Thankfully, his bad season hasn’t affected his good looks.


So Tebow versus Sanchez in the looks department (because clearly, they’re equally lacking in the qb department). Who wins?



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