Hotties Guide to Game Day Gear: Looks for all Styles

The 2 main things people remember about Game Day: The score and who wore the hottest outfit.

Think about it. No matter how tuned in you are to the game, when someone is walking to or from their seat and their outfit is HOT, they grab your attention.

At sporting events, spectators are either game watching or people watching. Your goal: Be one of the “watched.”

What do you wear to be an attention stealing, fashion savvy hottie that every guy and girl in the arena can’t keep their eyes off?

Check out this Hotties Guide to Game Day Gear for sporting event fashion tips that suit your personal style.

Glamour Girl

Kim Kardashian is synonymous with glamour. Also synonymous with Kim Kardashian is anything athlete related. So whenever the reality star is sitting in the sky box or courtside (depending on who she’s dating), her Game Day style is over-the-top Glam.


Most None of us have Kim K’s wardrobe allowance, but you can affordably mimic this look by pairing a solid colored tank or turtle neck with black leggings that you probably already have in your closet with this fur vest from Arden B.

fur vest


Retailing for just under $40.00, you’ll still have enough money to buy a diet coke and a Snickers from the concession stand.

Effortlessly Pretty

On stage, Beyonce’ always has on enough hair and make-up to outfit a season’s worth of Toddlers & Tiaras contestants.


 But her Game Day style is quite the opposite.  Still looking vibrant and fresh, Beyonce’s Game Day style is effortlessly pretty.


If you’re the girl who wants to be seen but without making too much of a scene, B’s style is whose you need to emulate.



 Classy and chic for only $19.20 at                Skinny jean to fit your bod and your budget – $16.50 at

Comfortable Cutie

Honestly, “Comfortable Cutie” is a nice term for the “just pulled myself together in 5 minutes with a t-shirt and lip gloss” look. And if that’s your Hottie, Game Day style, that’s totally fine. I mean, if Charlize Theron does it occasionally, then it must be acceptable.


Remember, though, if you’re going for the dressed down look, dress it up with a statement pair of shoes.


Happy game day gear shopping!

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