Half Marathon Diaries

Monday, December 3rd

I did my 5 miles on the treadmill. Usually, I run 2.5 to 3.5 miles without stopping, but today, I did 5 non-stop at a pace of 7.8. I was proud and honestly, wasn’t tired afterwards. After my run, I did some very light circuit training.

What I ate:

Before- Trader Joe’s Oatmeal with Silk Almond Milk
During – Quaker chewy granola bar
After- Egg whites mixed with one egg, 1 cup of spinach, 3 slices of deli turkey, one piece of spicy gouda cheese


Wednesday, December 5th

Day 2 went well. Went to gym a little later than usual, so I only did my 5 miles with no circuit afterwards. Note, before I actually run, I begin with a brisk, five minute walk (4.0 mph, 3.5 incline)

Thursday, December 6th

5 miles and 2 circuits later, I feel like I got bulldozed by a MAC truck, a tow truck, and a black GLK 350, which is one of my dream cars. All I want to do is eat and sleep. Buuuut I can say that my body feels tighter already. I know, it seems unbelievable that I am noticing a difference already, but I am. I promise. I think.

Sunday, December 9

So today, I was supposed to do my big 7 mile run outside. Well, I wasn’t comfortable with the outside path I had mapped out earlier in the week, and the key to running outdoors in Los Angeles and enjoying it is finding a route with the least amount of car traffic. Could’ve totally used this as an excuse to postpone my first big run for next week, but I decided to do my first big run on the old faithful treadmill.


Bought these Adidas in January. Light weight, comfy, and great color scheme!

I’ve never run 7 consecutive miles without stopping. And let me tell ya…ohhhhh booooy. By mile 5, I was cajoling myself into pushing through. By mile 6, I’m sure my eyes had totally crossed, but there was so much sweat in them, I couldn’t tell. Hello, mile 7! I made it and without stopping one time.

After a five minute cool down (walking at a pace of 4.0mph), I felt like a gladiator. And by the time I started my post, cool-down stretching, I felt like I could build a skyscraper with my bare hands.

And I would have except my bowels started moving so violently that I had to get the hell out of there.

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