Guide to Gifting for the Sports Lover in Your Life

It’s that time of the year again when you spend all your hard earned money on awesome gifts for everyone else only to realize a better idea would’ve been to let everyone keep their own money to splurge on themselves instead.

Happy Holidays.

Buuuut when it comes to gifts, the one  you wanna knock it out of the park with is the one you buy for your honey, your boo…or, if applicable, your Honey Boo Boo.

So here’s my present to you.  No thanks needed; it was inexpensive:

Guide to Gifting for the Sports Lover in Your Life

Autographed Calendar – Composite Card

You despise watching the game but love watching sweaty men in tight football uniforms. He hates when they cut to commercial but loooooves it when they show the cheerleaders shaking their poms – and other shakeable things.

Trying hard to not be bothered by his drooling, you say, “She’s kinda cute,” but you’re really thinking, “She’s not that cute.”  Trying to avoid the doghouse, he says, “Babe. You’re hotter,” but he’s really thinking, “Yeah right.”

That’s when the old adage, “If you can’t beat ‘em, bring them to him,” comes into play. Well, that’s what the remixed version says anyway.

Stuff his stocking with a calendar of the bikini clad cheerleaders from his favorite football team …

…or for the soft core option, the team composite of the ladies in their official uniforms.

Look for links on team websites to purchase calendars. To get an autographed composite, find the cheerleaders’ community appearance schedule online and swing by one of their appearances to get your copy.


Pimp His Cave

Ahhhh, the sacred man cave. It reeks of Shock Top, peanuts, and sweaty socks, but it’s his. 

And as the love of his life, your one duty is to make it as comfortable as possible.

A man can never have a television too big or a seat too comfortable, so if your man’s cave needs an upgrade on those basics, Black Friday sales will be your best friend. For more personalized man cave gifts, check out this list below:

A knitted throw blanket – Personalize it with team milestones like national, world, or conference championships or with team’s rally cry.

Beverage/Keg Cooler – So much beer but where to put it? A regular refrigerator?  Save the fridge for your woman cave and get your man a beer cooler. Check out these beverage coolers at The Home Depot. 

Life Sized – Get life-sized versions of his favorite players for him to plaster on his cave wall at

Surround sond – Since he can’t be at the game, make him feel like he’s in the game with surround sound. Check your local Target or Best Buy for systems.

Personalized Jersey – Remind him that he’s the man with a personalized jersey with his last name on the back.

Put Him in the Game!

Well, not literally “in” the game, but getting him to-die-for-seats at his favorite sporting event is a close second.  Purchase your tickets on trusted sites like, and If you feel like a bidding war to get your tickets for the low, try a website like

Happy gifting and happy holidays!

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